The Best of African Investigative Reporting

We highlight some of the most interesting work produced by Africa’s investigative reporters.

We document the long and rich history of African investigative reporting. It is an unusual history because not all the work is done by journalists nor falls within the conventional definition of investigative reporting. Circumstances meant that sometimes this work had to be done by non-journalists or written in ways that would not get the attention of censors. We include it as an important part of the development of an investigative practice and tradition in our journalism.

Our selection is not comprehensive, nor fully representative. It is chosen to show the range and depth of work and to highlight the important contribution investigative reporters play in holding power to account and fighting corruption, bad governance and social problems. We hope it will provide role models and inspiration for young journalists.

This is a living archive, and we will expand and develop it over time. If you know of work that should be here, please send it to